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Decorative elements:

Abstract posters are a great addition to interior decoration.

Their unconventional character and distinctive colors will add energy to any room.

Whether you want to create a modern atmosphere in the living room or add color and clarity to the office, abstract posters are an excellent choice

Inspiration and reflection:

Abstract posters can stimulate the imagination and encourage creativity.

Their indefinite form and meaning stimulate reflection and interpretation, which can lead to deeper thoughts and inspiration.

They can be an excellent source of inspiration for other artists and creators.

Uniqueness and individuality:

Abstract posters allow you to express your individuality and uniqueness.

Each poster is unique and can have different meanings for different people.

By choosing an abstract poster, you can bring your own personality and style to your environment.

Communication without words:

Abstract posters are a form of communication without words.

They can convey emotions, moods and ideas through shapes, colors and compositions.

This makes them universal and can be interpreted in different ways by different people.

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Hi, I'm Lukas

I will help you colour your (wall) world!

I am inspired by abstractionism, thus translating my emotions onto canvas and paper.

I experiment and play with colour. I draw themes from my own experiences and observations of the world around me.

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"Life is a combination of diversity and then combining it all like different colors of the rainbow.

Different but connected."

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